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Dubai sets an example of bravery and brotherhood in recovering from Tuesday’s flash floods

On Tuesday, 16th April 2024, the UAE experienced the heaviest rains and flash floods in 75 years, a phenomenon also experienced by Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The rainfall reached 254 mm in just 24 hours. This is despite the UAE’s annual rainfall being just 80 mm.

It is noteworthy, here, that London’s monthly rainfall is 50 mm. So, we can see that in a single day, rainfall in the UAE was equivalent to 5 months of rainfall in London.

Rain on roads dubai


Following the rainfall, the government and private institutions have together worked to ensure the safety of all people. The joint effort of leadership, authorities, residents, and citizens has been amazing. They have set up an example of true bravery, brotherhood, and humanity. Work in schools continues online smoothly.

Dubai storm 16 april 2024


Following the rainfall, floodwaters covered a major section of roadways. Duabi’s main airport has worked towards restoring normal operations. It is noteworthy that Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport for international travel. Global carriers were permitted by the airport on Thursday morning to fly into Terminal 1.

Dubai heavy rain fall


The storm over UAE has taken the weather department and UAE’s residents by surprise because the nation’s climate is typically arid desert-type. The country sees little rainfall every year. The storm covered all of UAE’s seven sheikhdoms.

The heavy rains overwhelmed the UAE’s drainage systems quickly, flooding business districts and neighborhoods. Further, even sections of the 12-lane Sheikh Zayed Road highway that runs through Dubai were flooded. The UAE did have to put up with some difficulties in managing the rainfall. It will take some days before life is restored to normal in Dubai and the UAE. However, few countries around the world have the infrastructure that can withstand such heavy rain in just 24 hours.

Heavy rain in dubai


The UAE is in the stage of recovering from the rainstorm. Tanker trucks with vacuums are operational in some areas outside Dubai’s downtown core. Schools are to remain closed until next week.



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