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From all across Dubai, Dubai Marina is one of the neighborhoods in the maximum demand. Emaar Properties, a name well recognized for pioneering innovations and projects has created Dubai Marina, a waterfront community.

At Dubai Marina, one comes across shopping avenues, cruise tours, entertainment facilities, a host of restaurants, hotels, and magnanimous skyscrapers. These factors make Dubai Marina one of Dubai’s prime locations.

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Furthermore, Dubai Marina is very well connected via metro links and road routes. Each of the conveniences at Dubai Marina is easily available. They include retail centers, medical facilities, and grocery stores.

For those seeking to buy a luxury apartment in Dubai, Dubai Marina is one of the most popular locations in each passing year. One of the key reasons for the same is that at Dubai Marina, there are at least 200 luxury residential towers. The distinct Cayan Tower is included in them.

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So, Dubai Marin is predominantly a vertical community, but one also comes across some villas here. The best part about residing at Dubai Marina is that one gets some hands-on experience in waterfront living. The views are divine from most of the apartments. Some hotel apartments are available also in the mix. For beach activities, Dubai Marina is the best place to drop by.

It is hard to deny that Dubai Marina has been very meticulously planned as a community. It is one of the most picturesque marinas all across the world. Transportation facilities and a network of roads are sublime. The credit for the same goes to Emaar Properties because 3.5 km of shoreline has been transformed into a modern neighborhood that extends 6,452,391 sq. ft. The riviera-styled lifestyle promoted by Dubai Marina is highly appreciated by residents.

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At Dubai Marina, one will also come across a 3.5 km long canal. Towards both ends of the canal, there’s the sea. Another interesting fact about Dubai Marina is that in recent years, its popularity has grown as the best place in Dubai for renting or buying apartments. DLD website tells us that across the past 12 months, 14,500 rental transactions and 4,600 sales transactions were made on properties in Dubai Marina.

Often Dubai Marina has been called the tallest block in the world. From each tower, magnificent views of the harbor and the city are on offer. In fact, Dubai Marina is one of the important factors that make Dubai’s skyline. The vibrant community lifestyle of Dubai Marina is cherished by the residents.

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Now, when we consider the villas available at Dubai Marina, they are likely to be 2-6 bedroom apartments and their floor area ranges from 2,500 to 9,500 sq. ft. In most cases, these villas are on offer at podium levels in apartment towers.

The focus, here, primarily lies on apartment living. But, a few of the podium villas are also available which fascinate investors tremendously.

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Rental apartments at Dubai Marina are of different types. 1-4 bedroom apartments are easy to find. But, in some cases, penthouses or 5-bedroom apartments are also available.

In all these apartments, a spacious living area is an indispensable feature. Then, one will come across en-suite bathrooms with bedrooms and a fitted kitchen. Other top features include a balcony, a powder room, and a maid’s bedroom. Similarly, in most cases, the shared facilities being offered by apartment towers include concierge services, security services, a parking area, and a fitness center.

If you are fond of the majestic views that Dubai’s Skyline offers or the views of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina is where you will want to buy or lease an apartment. Contact Mr. Rohit Pal, your knowledgeable real estate consultant for the best deals. Mr. Pal also ensures that your apartment is sold or rented out at the best rates in minimum times.

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