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District One is a project by AE Real Estate Group, the developers that transform Dubai’s coastline with visionary projects. The catchy part about District One is that it is located right towards the centre of Dubai and is one of the communities within MBR city.

The best part about residing in District One is that it puts more choices before one. One could easily come across a villa in the architectural style that one prefers the best. Just as instance, Mediterranean and Arab-style homes are reasonably popular here.


The catchy feature of District One properties is that all buildings have been created using only the best quality construction material. The core tenet of these living spaces is practicality and functionality.

Then, District One is remarkably close to Business Bay Dubai. Correspondingly, at District One, thousands of professionals reside alongside their families. They prefer to live in District One as the area is well-connected. Al Khail Rd (E44) links District One to the rest of the city.


A few of the factors make District One a unique place and a delight indeed to reside in. A manmade waterbody, 7 km long encircles District One. Similarly, the technology used for developing District One has also been state-of-the-art. District One is the epitome of urban planning and civil engineering. While villas are available here for rent and sale, so are apartments. Overall, District One is just like an entirely new city constructed within a city.

When one resides in District One, the lifestyle on offer is unique. It focused on making sure that the residents’ living standards stay unparalleled, in terms of civil infrastructure, safety, and convenience.


Among the top factors that make the stay at District One more pleasant for the residents include 26 million sq. ft. of green, open spaces for lagoons and parks. Running and cycling tracks for residents are also available, apart from dedicated indoor recreational spaces. At District One, one comes across fitness centres for residents and communal swimming pools. This makes the destination one of the best to reside at when one seeks to stay fit and healthy.

If one seeks to buy an apartment at District One, Studio apartments are available, besides 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. The floor space for these apartments will be variable and lies amid 600 to 2000 sq. ft.


Now when we consider the villas available for sale or rent at District One, if you go for a 4-bed house here, it is likely to come with six bathrooms. The floor area will be in the line of 9K sq. ft.

When we move on to 5-bed villas, their floor area is likely to be in the line of 13K sq. ft. and they will feature 7 bathrooms.

With the availability of huge villas in District One, renting properties becomes exceptionally easy. Typically, the villas are suited for large families who seek to reside close to Dubai’s important business centers.


Even though, as of current, apartments at District One are not available for rent, only for sale, villas are available for both, rent and sale. The rental income from the villas is good and several people buy those purely for investment purposes.

When you reside in District One, transportation, and parking facilities are likely to pose no challenge at all. In most villas, at least a one-car garage is going to be available. Even otherwise, parking poses no challenges because visitors can park their vehicles on the street. Across the community, there are few commercial districts, which brings ease to parking.

For smoother transportation, one can get to Business Bay Red Line in 6 minutes commuting by car. Quoz Intersection bus stop takes no longer than 4 minutes to get to by car.

When seeking a luxurious living and a lifestyle in the vicinity of Dubai’s business districts, District One is where you want to reside. The destination makes available the properties for you based on your budget. Contact Mr. Rohit Pal today, the #1 luxury real estate consultant for the best deals and quicker outcomes for properties on sale or lease. Mr. Pal matches you with the properties best defined by your preferences.

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